Gamesa Recognizes Internal Tech Innovation


Gamesa Recognizes Internal Tech Innovation Two engineers working in a Gamesa joint venture have developed an application that enables automatic turbine rotor positioning.

According to Gamesa, the application enables automatic turbine rotor blocking or their placement at certain angles, as opposed to manual positioning. This application permits the generator-converter to work as an engine, instead of generating power. This feature also allows more efficient blade sensor calibration, for which very precise azimuth positioning is required.

The engineers – Ignacio Fernandez Romero and Eugenio Plano Morillo – work for Adwen, an offshore wind joint venture including Gamesa and Areva. A patent application has already been filed, Gamesa notes.

The innovation was also recognized by Gamesa, which recently acknowledged the advancement during its annual Patents and Inventors Competition. The event is designed to acknowledge its employees' efforts to develop innovative new technology with the potential to set the company's technology offering apart from that of its competitors.

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