Gamesa Program Extends Guarantee On Turbine Life Cycle

Gamesa has earned certification from DNV GL for the turbine maker's so-called ‘useful life extension program’ for its G47-660 kW machines. The program guarantees turbine safety and availability until year 30, and Gamesa says it is the first OEM to earn such a certification.

According to the turbine maker, the program consists of a series of structural upgrades and monitoring features that allow owners to lengthen the lives of their G47-660 kW turbines an additional decade, from 20 to 30 years.

‘This certificate is a testimony to Gamesa's operating excellence and technological firepower. The life extension program constitutes a unique business opportunity for our customers, as it provides them with the chance to generate a higher return from their wind farms by means of a low-risk investment,’ says Sergio Velez, who heads up the program for Gamesa.

Andreas Schroeter, executive vice president of the renewables certification division of DNV GL, adds, ‘The ability to extend the useful life of a turbine is a key step in maximizing efficiency and reducing costs in the global wind energy market. One of the greatest benefits for customers and operators associated with this program is the reduction in the cost of energy associated with the product's life cycle.’

Gamesa says it aims to apply its life extension program to its 850 kW and 2 MW turbines, as well as to turbines that other manufacturers make but Gamesa maintains.


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