Gamesa Plans To Triple Investment In China


Gamesa plans to triple its investment in China through 2012 to expand and adapt its manufacturing centers for the development of its new turbine systems. The company, which by 2009 had invested a total of 42 million euros on facilities in China, plans to invest more than 90 million euros to meet rising demand from the wind energy industry in China. The investment is also designed to address local production needs in the medium-term for Gamesa's new G9X-2.0 MW, G10X-4.5 MW and offshore turbine systems.

During a conference on the Chinese wind energy market jointly organized by Gamesa and Morgan Stanley and held at the Spanish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, Gamesa Chairman Jorge Calvet stated, ‘One of Gamesa's goals is to cement its position as one of the top five players in the Chinese wind energy industry, to participate in the industry's growth and meet the needs of its customers as a manufacturer and operator of maintenance services and a developer of wind farms â�¦ in the regions with the greatest potential for the wind energy business.’

Gamesa's forecasts indicate that in 2011 the Chinese market will account for more than 30% of the total megawatts sold compared to 15% in 2009.

Gamesa has also broken ground on its sixth manufacturing center in China, a factory in the province of Inner Mongolia. The factory is designed for the assembly of nacelles for the G8X-2 MW turbine model and is expected to have annual production capacity totaling 500 MW. The plant is set to begin operating in 2011.

In addition to the two factories currently under construction, Gamesa has four manufacturing centers (blades, nacelle, generators and gearbox assembly) in the province of Tianjin, home to the company's largest manufacturing base outside of Spain.

SOURCE: Gamesa

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