Gamesa Fires Up G114-2.5 MW Prototype In Spain

Gamesa Fires Up G114-2.5 MW Prototype In Spain Turbine manufacturer Gamesa is reporting that its G114-2.5 MW prototype has started to produce power at a company-owned plant in Spain.

With the success of the prototype, the company says it will move forward with validating and certifying the G114-2.5 MW machine. The company expects to obtain type certification during the fourth quarter.

According to Gamesa, turbine assembly of the prototype posed a genuine logistics challenge as the components were made at multiple locations in Spain. The G114-2.5 MW's blades – 56 meters each – were transported in one piece, the company notes.

The prototype features a modular design, enabling tailored configuration to factor in each facility's specific construction and logistics considerations.


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