Former Iowa State Sen. Jeff Danielson Joins AWEA


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has hired Jeff Danielson, a former Iowa state senator, to lead policy advocacy efforts across Midwestern and Plains states.

In his new role as AWEA’s Central Region director, Danielson will advocate for pro-growth policies to help expand wind energy. He will begin his role on Feb. 25.

Prior to joining AWEA, Danielson served for 15 years as a Democratic Iowa state senator, representing Hudson, Cedar Falls and Waterloo in Black Hawk County, and worked as both a career professional firefighter with the City of Cedar Falls and an adjunct professor of public policy at the University of Northern Iowa. Before that, Danielson served in the U.S. Navy for six years.

“I’m proud to announce an exciting new chapter in my career, even as two wonderful chapters of public service come to a close,” says Danielson. “Above all, I’d like to thank the citizens of Cedar Valley for allowing me to serve them for so many years in the State Senate and the Cedar Falls Fire Department.

“Though my work for the wind industry will not be public service in the traditional sense, it is very much in line with what I’ve strived for throughout my career,” continues Danielson. “I’ll be working for a wonderful organization dedicated to growing a homegrown American energy source that strengthens the economy, improves the health of communities and makes us safer as a nation.”

AWEA defines the Central Region generally as states west of Ohio and east of the Rocky Mountains. This area has been called the American “Wind Belt” because it is home to some of the best wind energy resources and the largest share of U.S. installed wind capacity.

“We’re thrilled to have such a distinguished public servant join our team,” comments Susan Williams Sloan, vice president of state affairs for AWEA. “He brings a track record of working across the aisle to get things done. From his service in Iowa – which leads the nation for wind as a share of electricity generation – Jeff knows firsthand the strength of a wind-powered economy. Working for AWEA, he will advocate to grow that success story with state governments across the heartland.”

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