Flywheel Energy Storage System Addresses Wind Power Volatility


Germany-based STORNETIC has unveiled an energy storage solution designed specifically to balance output fluctuations of wind power plants over the long term.

According to the company, the flywheel energy storage solution allows a wind farm’s energy output to be better planned.

“The volatility of wind power will mean major challenges for wind farm operators in the future,” said Dr. Rainer vor dem Esche, managing director of the company. “A new solution is now available, thanks to the flywheel energy storage by STORNETIC. Our storage machine, EnWheel, allows output peaks to be absorbed, thereby making the output of entire wind farms more even and predictable.”

The EnWheel flywheel energy storage is able to absorb load changes in the range of milliseconds. The storages are designed for more than 100,000 load change cycles and maintain their full capacity over their entire lifecycle. Therefore, the company says, they are particularly suitable for applications in which many fast load changes are required.

In the future, the flywheel energy storage system will be able to provide grid services in combination with wind power plants, says STORNETIC.

“This is an ideal starting point for the challenges of the future,” added vor dem Esche.

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