Flash Technology Launches New Line of Aviation Obstruction Lighting


Flash Technology, a company that specializes in aids-to-navigation (AtoN) solutions, has launched the FTS 350i LED aviation obstruction light. An economical option for wind turbine applications, the FTS 350i was designed to withstand the harsh environments encountered on wind farms.

“Developers, contractors and maintenance teams need a compact, rugged light that complies with federal lighting regulations,” says Pete Bruce, vice president of global sales for Flash Technology’s AtoN business. “The integrated FTS 350i offers durability, compliance to FAA and international standards, and is an economical, user-friendly solution.”

Flash Technology says that at only 2.9 pounds and 4.4 inches tall, the FTS 350i is convenient to carry while climbing turbines. Each light includes infrared LEDs to warn pilots using night vision systems of the obstruction, as well as Fresnel optics to reduce light pollution for neighboring communities. The flash rate is field-configurable, and GPS sync allows the light to flash in unison with other lights on the wind farm. An alarm is generated through a dry contact if there is a failure switching on at night – with the GPS or with the beacon’s performance. 

The FTS 350i infrared obstruction light meets FAA Type L-864 (AC 150/5345-43J), ICAO Medium Intensity Type B (Annex 14 Eighth Edition) and CL-864 (Transport Canada CAR 621) codes. It offers a two-year replacement warranty and a 10 kA surge-protection rating against lightning strikes: two times the FAA-specified minimum.

For more information on the FTS 350i wind turbine light, click here.

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