First Wind Holdings Files Amendment With SEC

First Wind Holdings LLC has filed an amendment with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that names its initial public offering underwriters and reports the company's earnings through the end of 2009, the Boston Business Journal reports.

First Wind named Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Securities, Goldman Sachs & Co. and Morgan Stanley as its lead underwriters. The new regulatory filing reports the company had $28.8 million and $47.1 million in revenue in 2008 and 2009, respectively. It booked operating losses of $64.3 million in 2008 and $57.1 million in 2009. Previously, First Wind had reported earnings only through the end of 2007.

The company also updated its balance sheet, reporting total assets of $1.7 billion – including $31.4 million in cash and cash equivalents and $1.4 billion tied up in property, equipment, plants and construction in progress. The company lists $522.8 million in long-term debt.

SOURCE: The Boston Business Journal


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