Enova Provides Funds To Build 10 MW Wind Turbine


Enova SF, a public enterprise owned by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, will provide Sway AS with funding in the amount of NOK 137 million to construct a 10 MW wind turbine in Oygarden in Hordaland County, where the new technology will be tested on land over the next two years.

‘Enova's support can help bring Norwegian technology to the global forefront when it comes to wind turbines that float or rest on the seabed,’ says Eystein Borgen, managing director and founder of Sway. ‘The funding will enable us to maintain the necessary rapid progression, as well as lay the foundation for total project financing.’

The wind turbine will have a rotor diameter of 145 meters. In cooperation with Norwegian technology firm Smartmotor AS, Sway has developed the concept with a view toward reducing turbine weight and the number of moving parts and the use of a gearless generator system.

The concept is expected to result in higher energy generation for offshore wind power and lower operating costs. As many as 40 engineers have taken part in the work to develop the concept that will now undergo testing.


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