Engineering Lifting Technologies Receives Patent

Engineering Lifting Technologies Receives Patent Orchard Park, N.Y.-based Engineered Lifting Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of the Hanes Supply Group, has received patent protection of its proprietary tower erection system. The system consists of all the necessary brackets, rigging and hardware required for the installation of towers. The patent is all-inclusive, consisting of lightweight tower lifting brackets, tipping brackets, rigging and hardware.

The system is unique in that the lifting brackets are relatively small and made of high strength materials, dramatically reducing weight, according to the company. The configuration allows for a two-bracket lifting system that does not require an upper spreader bar. The lower brackets are a compact design and lightweight and are therefore safer to install and remove. Both brackets take advantage of an eccentric cam design for the bolting allowing the brackets to be used on several tower sections without using slots and oversized holes. The brackets have been successfully utilized at a wind tower project in upstate New York.

The system will be standardized and stocked for tower sections for up to 140,000 pounds, and larger sizes will be available upon request.

SOURCE: Engineered Lifting Technologies Inc.


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