Energy Commission Awards Funds To Improve Transmission


The California Energy Commission has awarded $5.85 million to the University of California for a package of transmission grid improvement research initiatives. The funding will help ensure that California's electric transmission grid can handle the challenges of the 21st century while increasing renewable energy choices.

‘California must develop and maintain a cost-effective, reliable transmission system capable of responding to important policy challenges, including reducing global warming,’ says Energy Commission Chairwoman Jackalyne Pfannenstiel. ‘By funding transmission grid research now, we can better address the energy infrastructure challenges in the future.’

Thirteen projects address new grid technology developments, environmental research in transmission planning, and solar and wind power analysis. Specific research includes:Â

– examining how to adapt new technologies to benefit California ratepayers,

– identifying the greenhouse gas emissions and energy inefficiencies of electric transmission systems,

– integrating wind power into the state's transmission system, andÂ

– developing methods for congestion planning and uncertainty forecasting.

Researchers will identify what improvements are required for California's aging electric transmission infrastructure for moving electricity generated by new renewable power facilities on the grid.

SOURCE: California Energy Commission

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