ENERCON Investigates Turbine Collapse


ENERCON‘s Canadian division is reporting what it calls an isolated incident that occurred on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at the Point Tupper wind farm, located near Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. This event led the technical team of ENERCON to launch an investigation to determine its cause.

According to ENERCON, the incident occurred during a scheduled component exchange. The technician on-site diligently followed protocol and safely evacuated the turbine and the surroundings in time to avoid any injuries prior to the turbine’s collapse. Only property damage has been reported.

ENERCON Canada has confirmed that a technical team has launched an investigation as to the causes of the incident. This incident did not occur during regular operations. The affected turbine is currently being disconnected from the grid, and the rest of the wind farm continues to safely operate, the company notes.

With nearly 1,000 wind turbines installed in Canada over 15 years, the company says the incident is the first time that such an event has occurred. To date, ENERCON has installed more than 25,600 turbines worldwide, ranging from 500 kW to 7.5 MW, representing more than 41.2 GW of installed capacity.

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