Enercon Investigates Turbine Blade Crash In Germany


Turbine manufacturer Enercon is looking into why a blade recently crashed to the ground at a German wind farm owned by juwi. According to Enercon, the incident involved an E-126/6 MW wind turbine, and no one was injured.

Felix Rehwald, an Enercon spokesperson, tells NAW, ‘The investigation to determine the cause of loss of the bolted connection in the blade connection area is still ongoing after this singular incident occurred on the E-126/6 MW turbine at the Schneebergerhof site in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

"Meanwhile, the fallen parts are being transported to Enercon headquarters in Aurich for further investigation," Rehwald continues. "The investigation will be accompanied by an independent expert."

He says the company cannot make any conclusions regarding the cause of the incident until the probe is fully complete. Rehwald adds, "Apart from that, Enercon has checked all other machines of similar type. No abnormalities were discovered."

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