Elster System Designed To Provide Unifying Solutions For The Smart Grid

Raleigh, N.C.-based Elster, a provider of smart metering and smart grid systems and solutions, has released EnergyAxis System, which is designed to provide unifying solutions for the smart grid.

Built on an architecture that supports current smart grid applications, Elster's EnergyAxis System also features multiple technologies that provide a foundation for future smart grid applications, according to the company.

These technologies include unified multi-technology solutions for WAN, LAN and HAN communications, in-network distributed intelligence for streamlined data delivery and network operation, and head-end applications for network management and integration with key utility enterprise systems.

EnergyAxis system enhancements include a multi-technology architecture, a new high-performance network, distributed intelligence, expanded interoperability and new grid-modernization devices. These enhancements work together to provide utilities with the necessary performance to enable a smart grid, the company says.

For more information, visit elster.com.

SOURCE: Elster


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