EDF Map Highlights Companies That Could Benefit From Carbon Cap


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released an online map that identifies and profiles more than 1,200 companies in key manufacturing states poised to grow their business and create new jobs if Congress passes a cap on global warming pollution.

The interactive map, which can be viewed online at LessCarbonMoreJobs.org, highlights hundreds of companies and communities in coal country, the rust belt and other manufacturing.

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org identifies the locations, products and services, as well as select case studies and worker profiles for companies in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

Among the business leaders highlighted is Jeff Metts, owner and president of Dowding Industries, a Michigan-based manufacturer of large-scale machinery and parts that is hiring laid-off auto workers to build wind turbine components.

‘We've tapped into a workforce eager to apply its skills from previous jobs to our new ventures, and the result has been incredible,’ says Metts. ‘We're ready to do much more.’

LessCarbonMoreJobs.org allows visitors to search by state, Congressional district and media market to find companies manufacturing wind turbine components, shipping solar panel equipment and installing energy-efficient building materials. The site also provides business details and contact information for companies in each profiled state.

For more information, visit edf.org.

SOURCE: Environmental Defense Fund

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