Drytech Introduces GenDry System For Gearboxes

Drytech, a manufacturer and supplier of moisture-management and environmental-control devices, has launched its GenDry system for long-term protection of wind turbine gearboxes from oil contamination and harmful effects of moisture.

The GenDry is a membrane-dryer system that provides a continuous supply of dry purge air to blanket the free air volume of the gearbox to levels of better than 400 parts per million moisture.

The system is designed for 1 MW to 3.5 MW wind turbines deployed offshore and in other harsh environments. GenDry does not require desiccant change out and only requires maintenance every three to five years, according to the company.

The patent-pending system utilizes two pneumatic cylinders in parallel acting as air pumps and driven by a heavy-duty linear actuator. The actuator drives the air pumps and generates a volume of compressed air, which is stored in an air reservoir.

The accumulator will store all of the pressurized atmospheric air produced by the pump cylinder stroke cycle, thus minimizing the amount of cycles.

SOURCE: Drytech


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