DONG Energy Installing Battery System At Burbo Bank


Using a combination of wind and battery power, DONG Energy is planning to offer frequency response from its Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm.

The 2 MW battery system, set to be installed by the end of the year, will enhance the capability of the 90 MW wind farm. According to DONG Energy, it will be the first time an offshore wind farm is integrated with a battery system to deliver frequency response to the grid.

The battery system will be supplied by ABB. The Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm, which been fully operational since 2007, is capable of supplying up to 80,000 U.K. homes, says DONG Energy.

Richard Smith, head of network capability (electricity) for National Grid, says, “As Great Britain’s energy mix changes, we know that ensuring a safe and stable supply of energy into the future will require more flexible services. I’m looking forward to seeing how the DONG Energy solution of storage connected to the offshore wind farm will provide services to help us respond to day-to-day operational challenges and maintain the frequency of 50 Hz on Great Britain’s electricity system.”

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