DOE Funds Will Support Midsize Turbine Tech

S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the availability of up to $6 million to advance midsize wind turbine technology in order to boost the speed and scale of turbine deployments. The DOE will provide the funding over two years to accelerate the development, testing and commercialization of domestically manufactured midsize wind turbines with rated generating capacities between 100 kW and 1 MW. Through this funding opportunity, the DOE will leverage private-sector technology investment by providing cost-shared partnerships to qualified projects in support of the administration's drive to create clean energy jobs and promote economic development and energy independence. The DOE anticipates making up to four initial grants under this competitive solicitation. The DOE says the funding opportunity will help address two reasons for the slow growth in the midsize turbine market – namely, the scarcity of midsize turbine models available for purchase and unfavorable project economics – by supporting the development of technologies that lower the installed costs and improve the productivity of midsize turbines. SOURCE: [link=]U.S Department of Energy


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