DNV Revises Industry Standards for Next Gen Turbine Blades


DNV has revised its DNV-ST-0376 rotor blade standard, the result of a joint industry collaboration in response to what it calls the dynamic landscape of wind turbine development. 

The project, tailored to meet the evolving needs of wind turbine developers, owners and operators, aimed to ensure greater reliability and performance across the industry. The revised standard introduces measures focused on addressing the requirements of large, flexible blades for multi-megawatt turbines.

Updates include the introduction of concepts such as damage tolerance and elevating safety standards to new heights, as well as alignment with international standards and facilitating streamlined certification processes.

“The pace of modern wind turbine development demands that industry standards keep pace with changing trends and technologies,” says DNV’s Kim Sandgaard-Mørk. 

“Through the development of industry service documents such as service specifications, standards, and recommended practices, DNV is actively engaged in driving the renewable energy sector forward. This update underscores our commitment to driving innovation and quality within the wind energy sector. By prioritizing reliability and safety, we aim to bolster industry confidence and propel the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions.”

The initiative focused on quality design standards, alignment with other international standards and stakeholder education.

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