Digital Map Of Oklahoma Now Available


Denver-based Intermap Technologies Corp., a 3-D digital mapping company, has announced that high resolution digital elevation models for the entire state of Oklahoma are now commercially available. The company has fully processed Oklahoma as part of its NEXTMap USA countrywide 3-D digital mapping program, which can be utilized in wind project development.

‘Our highly reliable data has already enabled a variety of geospatial applications, such as route selection, cell tower placement, wind turbine site selection, resource management and flood modeling, to name just a few,’ says Brian Bullock, Intermap Technologies' president and CEO.

The company-funded initiative to collect and deliver approximately 8 million square kilometers of data across the contiguous U.S. and Hawaii will continue to offer countywide and statewide data as it is processed throughout 2008, with final completion scheduled for the end of 2009.

SOURCE: Intermap Technologies Corp.

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