Cyclic Materials to Begin Recycling Wind Turbines


Cyclic Materials has begun accepting wind turbine generators for recycling purposes along with MRI machines, marking an expansion for the company beyond auto parts and other permanent magnet-containing products.

The company says it has so far sourced 37 MW capacity of wind turbine generators containing permanent magnets, adding that its proprietary and hydrometallurgy technologies isolate magnets from end-of-life products and convert the feedstock to and other raw materials. 

“MRIs and wind turbines bring incredible opportunities to recover critical commodities essential to the energy transition,” says Ahmad Ghahreman, CEO and co-founder of Cyclic Materials. “Manufacturers, developers and stakeholders across metals supply chains must recognize the importance of creating a circular supply chain. Not only to reduce dependence on offshore sources and increase resilience, but to slash the environmental impact of the industry. Our magnet-agnostic recycling technology extracts valuable critical metals from end-of-life products and feeds these commodities back into North American and European supply chains.”

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