CustomWeather Launches Weather Package for Renewable Energy

San Francisco-based CustomWeather, a supplier of syndicated weather data, is now offering weather data packages targeted at those companies involved with renewable energy.

‘We are a one-stop data warehouse for companies involved with wind, solar, wave and hydropower,’ says Geoff Flint, president and CEO of CustomWeather. ‘CustomWeather provides both historical weather data and high-resolution weather modeling for those companies wishing to set up wind- and solar-power farms.’

Through the use of high-resolution weather models such as the weather, research and forecasting model, CustomWeather is able to supply accurate weather forecasts that can be delivered to any point around the globe, including offshore locations where wind and wave energy projects may be located.

According to the company, CustomWeather also has an extensive historical database and is able to deliver its information in a variety of geographic information systems.

SOURCE: CustomWeather Inc.


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