Constellation Energy Completes Wind/Solar Installation At University


Constellation Energy's projects and services group has completed the installation of a 1.2 MW wind and solar power system at the University of Toledo's Scott Park Campus of Energy and Innovation in Toledo, Ohio.

The campus will utilize solar and wind power to generate electricity, and the university's commitment to sustainability also provides students with firsthand educational experiences with renewable energy technologies.

‘Renewables have a two-fold importance for colleges and universities that are looking to improve their sustainability and expose students to careers in alternative energy,’ says Mark Huston, managing director of retail energy at Constellation Energy.

The project utilizes thin-film-on-glass photovoltaic solar technology that was originally developed based on research conducted at the University of Toledo. Constellation Energy's projects and services group also installed a 132-foot wind turbine at the site.

Constellation Energy's projects and services group utilized the design and build services of Advanced Distribution Generation LLC of Northwest Ohio for the project. The wind turbine was manufactured by Wind Energy Solutions. Plug Smart Solutions consulted and managed the project for the University of Toledo. Solar panels were supplied by First Solar, and photovoltaic inverters were supplied by PV Powered.

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