Clipper Windpower Expects To Deliver 300 Wind Turbines; Working On 10 MW Design

Clipper Windpower PLC has announced that it expects to deliver approximately 300 wind turbines (750 MW total) this year despite the current economic conditions in the U.S.

‘Accordingly, during this period we took aggressive measures to conserve cash, right-size our operations and further refine the quality processes with our suppliers,’ says Doug Pertz, president and CEO of Clipper. ‘However, we are already beginning to see keen increased interest in the Liberty turbine as financing begins to return to the market.

The company has delivered 127 turbines year-to-date through June 30. In addition, Clipper says its Britannia 10 MW offshore wind turbine is scheduled for completion by the end of the year, with component testing planned for 2010.

SOURCE: Clipper Windpower PLC


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