Climax Tools, Hitachi Agree To Contract


Newberg, Ore.-based Climax Portable Machine Tools has received a contract from Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. (HCI) for its CM6000 portable circular mill for use in the precision machining of wind tower flanges. The contract also includes training Hitachi machinists on the basic operation and maintenance of the equipment.

‘To keep up with the rapid pace of turbine development within the industry, companies manufacturing wind towers need innovative tools that maximize the productivity of their manufacturing and installation operations in order to meet demand,’ says Geoff Gilmore, president and CEO of Climax Portable Machine Tools. ‘This order from Hitachi Canadian Industries – one of the major manufacturers of wind towers in North America – validates our ability to provide innovative machine tools that will optimize the manufacturing process and enable them to compete more effectively in the growing wind market.’

The metals-removal capabilities, and precision and portability of the Climax tool were key factors in HCI's choice of the CM6000 circular mill. The tool enables machinists to achieve a surface flatness tolerance of .002 inches, minimizing the likelihood of excess vibration and stress on the wind turbine and extending its life, according to the company.

In addition, the circular mill cuts machining time, by up to 75%, taking two hours to machine large flanges, compared to 12 to 14 hours when using single-point machining tools.

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SOURCE: Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc.

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