Climax Portable Machine Tools Releases Portable Flange Facer

Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc., a provider of comprehensive on-site machining solutions, has released the Climax FF6100 flange facer, the industry's smallest vertical-profile flange facer developed for re-facing flanges and repairing bearing fits and seals in cramped or restricted areas at the work site. According to the company, Climax flange facers are increasingly being adopted to efficiently machine wind turbine towers as well as equipment in the shipbuilding, power generation, heavy construction and service and engineering industries.

The Climax FF6100 flange facer was designed to fit within a vertical clearance of only 14.5 inches, making it ideal for use on-site in cramped or restricted areas. Unlike heavy, one-piece machines, the FF6100 was developed with a unique modular design, making it much easier to set up and install the machine and be ready to cut in 30 minutes or less. The tool can be configured to suit specific on-site repair needs, and additional components can be added as flange facing needs expand.

‘It has often been a challenge to repair critical flanges and valves seals located in hard-to-reach or confined areas because of space constraints and the size of the equipment needed to make repairs,’ says Climax CEO Geoff Gilmore. ‘By developing this compact and modular FF6100 flange facer, Climax enables its customers to make repairs even in crowded workspaces and to get the job done safely, quickly and cost-effectively on-site so equipment can get back in service faster.’

The FF6100 portable flange facer features a powerful and rigid turning arm that can be used for the entire range of 14 to 60 inches. Its heavy-duty spindle and bearing system, coupled with twin pneumatic motors, provides a smooth finish – even at the maximum extended range – and is powerful and precise enough to achieve a flatness tolerance of less than 0.005 inches. For restricted space machining, a shorter turning arm with a range of 14 to 42 inches is available.

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SOURCE: Climax Portable Machine Tools Inc.


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