Clean Line Taps PAR To Help Build Grain Belt Express


Clean Line Taps PAR To Help Build Grain Belt Express Clean Line Energy Partners has signed an agreement with Kansas City, Mo.-based construction services provider PAR to build the Grain Belt Express transmission line.

The Grain Belt Express Clean Line is an approximately 750-mile overhead, direct current transmission line that is expected to transmit power 200,000 Missouri homes each year. The project represents an approximately $500 million investment. Currently, the project is under review by the Missouri Public Service Commission.

According to Clean Line, the agreement positions PAR to manage more than 1,300 Missouri construction jobs each year during the construction of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. PAR, a construction company owned by Quanta Services, says that many of the construction jobs needed to build the project will be filled locally.

In addition to PAR, Clean Line has lined up ABB to supply alternating current transformers, General Cable, for steel core for conductors, and Hubbell, for insulators and hardware, to help build the Grain Belt transmission line.

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