Clean Energy Companies Use Arena PLM To Accelerate Product Development


Foster City, Calif.-based Arena Solutions, a provider of on-demand product life cycle management (PLM) software for manufacturers of all sizes, has announced that its Arena PLM software is helping clean energy companies accelerate product development to meet the surging demand to adopt clean energy.

Arena Solutions' wind, solar and geothermal customers, such as Nordic Windpower Ltd., Sunlink Corporation and Free Source Energies LLC, are using Arena PLM to keep current products on schedule and speed up new product introductions. Arena PLM also helps them increase accuracy and reduce development costs by virtually eliminating potentially expensive errors that eat away profit margins and threaten success, according to the company.

Nordic Windpower implemented Arena PLM to accelerate the domestic and international rollout of its advanced wind turbines. The company says that the software has helped it achieve product launch goals, ensure product data integrity and collaborate with worldwide contract manufacturing partners.

‘We're trying to make clean, sustainable wind power a more viable alternative by reducing its cost,’ says Greg Mead, vice president of manufacturing and operations at Nordic Windpower. ‘Using Arena PLM, we can do it faster. Arena PLM streamlines processes and eliminates costly mistakes before they occur. We pass these lower costs on to our customers and ultimately will be able to expand production, distribution and global use of this renewable energy source.’

SOURCE: Arena Solutions Inc.

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