Clare Introduces Two New Gate-Driver Families

IXYS Corp. and Clare Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS, has announced the availability of the IXD_602 series and the IXD_614 series, the two latest additions to the IXD_600 series of high-current, low-side gate driver integrated circuits.

Each of the two IXD_602 outputs are capable of sourcing and sinking 2 amperes of peak current while producing rise and fall times of less than 10 nanoseconds. The IXD_614 output is capable of sourcing and sinking 14 amperes of peak current.

Both the IXD_602 and IXD_614 can operate with supply voltages from 4.5 V to 35 V, and are specified over the minus -40 degrees C to +125 degrees C automotive temperature range.

The IXD_602 is available with two inverting drivers (IXDI602), with two noninverting drivers (IXDN602), and with one inverting driver and one noninverting driver (IXDF602). The IXD_602 is offered in eight-lead DFN, SOIC, power SOIC and DIP packages.

The IXD_614 is available as an inverting driver with an output enable (IXDD614), an inverting driver (IXDI614), and a noninverting driver (IXDN614). The IXD_614 is offered in an eight-lead power SOIC and DIP packages, and five-lead TO-220 and TO-263 packages.

SOURCE: Clare Inc.


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