Chinese Wind Turbine OEMs Increase Dominance


The top-five wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) remained the same in 2010; however, as Chinese wind turbine OEMs continued to capitalize on strong growth in the China wind power market, both Sinovel and Goldwind improved their global position, according to MAKE Consulting's report titled ‘Wind Turbine OEM Market Share.’

The growth in China had a significant impact on global market share positioning, as most non-Chinese wind turbine OEMs were unable to capitalize on growth in this market. This created considerable competition, particularly at the top of the rankings, where only two percentage points separate the top-four turbine OEMs, according to the report. Despite this challenge, Vestas maintained its leading market position in 2010 based on the strength of its global install activity.

After making a strong entrance into the top-five rankings in 2009, Chinese wind turbine OEMs Sinovel and Goldwind continued to climb up the rankings, and both placed in the top-four Chinese wind turbine OEMs. China accounted for four of the top 10, and seven of the top 15 positions in the 2010 rankings, and European wind turbine OEMs held six positions in the top 15 rankings in 2010.

‘Chinese wind turbine OEMs continue to shake up the global rankings,’ says Morten Keller, managing director and partner at MAKE Consulting. ‘This trend will likely continue as MAKE estimates that the China market will account for 38% of global installations between 2011 and 2016.’

A 44% drop in new capacity in the U.S. negatively impacted turbine OEMs, whose global position depends on success in this market. GE rebounded in the U.S. with a higher market share than in 2009, but market contraction impacted its global position, and Sinovel leapfrogged it for the No. 2 position globally.

Siemens recorded a strong year in North America, which helped elevate it to the second position in the U.S. and in Canada. Vestas' U.S. market share eroded significantly in 2010 due to low order activity in previous years, a trend shared by other turbine OEMs as the market stalled.

The top-four turbine manufacturers in Europe held their positions in 2010, with GE making the biggest year-over-year improvement in the top 10. European turbine OEMs also accounted for 75% of installations offshore in 2010, led by Vestas and Siemens, which boosted their market positions.

SOURCE: MAKE Consulting

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