Capital Safety Releases Railok 90 Vertical Rail System

l Safety has introduced the Railok 90 vertical rail system. The system offers users fall protection for ladder climbing applications while maximizing freedom of movement, according to the company. The Railok 90 vertical rail shuttle operates along the length of the rail, allowing the user to move up and down the ladder unhindered. The shuttle will not snag or resist the climber's motion, according to Capital Safety. Rather than utilize a webbed shock absorber that can deteriorate over time, the shuttle device employs an integrated metallic absorber that restricts fall distances and significantly reduces the forces on the user in the event of a fall. The Railok 90 rail system is made from high-strength extruded stainless steel or aluminum, and can be installed without special tools. It is available with a range of brackets, providing installation options for different configurations, including narrow-gauge ladders where foot space is restricted. SOURCE: [link=]Capital Safety[/


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