Capital Safety Introduces Self-Retracting Lifelines


Capital Safety, a manufacturer of fall-protection, confined-space and rescue equipment, has introduced its new DBI-SALA Nano-Lok Self Retracting Lifelines (SRLs), which the company says can be used in place of lanyards and be directly attached to any harness, reducing fall clearances.

The SRL technology retains tension on the lifeline at all times, keeping it out of the worker's way and reducing dragging, snagging and trip falls, Capital Safety explains, adding that the automatic activating arrester locks quickly to stop falls within inches, reducing free-fall distance and providing more protection at lower heights. It also features a six- foot web lifeline for added strength.

The Nano-Lok SRLs have multiple anchorage options. According to Capital Safety, the anchorage connector allows the SRL to be attached directly to the back of most harnesses without requiring a separate carabiner. Instead of being attached to the D-ring, the SRL attaches to the web, allowing the D-ring to be used for other equipment or rescue.

The SRLs can also be arranged as a twin-leg SRL, providing 100% tie-off capabilities, the company adds.

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