Capital Safety Introduces New Safety Lifeline


DBI-SALA, a subsidiary of Red Wing, Minn.-based Capital Safety, has developed a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) called the Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL with Rescue. The Ultra-Lok RSQ offers dual-mode operation that provides fall arrest and rescue/descent in one product.

The Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL with Rescue allows the worker to select either the traditional fall-arrest mode or a rescue/descent mode. If a fall event occurs while in the rescue/descent mode, the Ultra-Lok RSQ will arrest the fall and then automatically lower the worker safely to the ground or next level.

Prior to starting work, the user sets the Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL to fall-arrest or rescue/descent mode. If a fall were to occur while the device is in the fall-arrest mode, a speed-sensing brake would automatically stop the fall, reducing the forces exerted on the user to safe levels of 900 pounds or less.

The fall-arrest mode also allows for assisted rescue to take place. To conduct an assisted rescue, a co-worker manually switches the selector to the rescue/descent mode, which lowers the fallen worker at a controlled speed to the ground or next level. If the SRL is out of immediate reach but within 16 feet, the co-worker can use a First-Man-Up Pole and Assisted Rescue Tool to move the selector to the rescue/descent mode.

According to Capital Safety, the fall-arrest mode is ideal for situations in which the user is working over dangerous objects, such as moving machinery or traffic, or when the next level below the work area is more than 50 feet away.

The DBI-SALA Ultra-Lok RSQ SRL supports a capacity of 310 pounds, and meets all applicable industry standards, including OSHA and ANSI Z359.1 and A10.32.

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SOURCE: Capital Safety

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