Canadian Wind Turbine Brake Pad Maker Announces New Milestones


B.B High Performance Brake Pads, a Quebec-based company specializing in designing and manufacturing sintered brake pads for the wind industry, recently passed several braking tests in collaboration with Link Engineering, a third-party testing services company out of Detroit.

B.B High Performance Brake Pads has also conducted field tests on wind turbines in very cold climates. According to the company, some of its products have surpassed industry standards in terms of wear rates while respecting the load cases specific to each wind turbine model.

The manufacturer, which makes brake pads under the KUMA Brake Pads trademark, says it has been developing its products for more than four years. KUMA Brake Pads manufactures sintered brake pads for all major wind turbines makes (GE, Vestas, Senvion, Gamesa and Nordex). It is selling products across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Notably, B.B High Performance Brake Pads has also announced a new OEM-supplier status with GE Energy.

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