CAISO Moves To Increase Renewables, Maintain Grid Stability


The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) board of governors says it has accepted proposed tariff revisions that will ensure wind, solar and battery storage resources are capable of providing needed grid services. In doing so, renewable resources must adjust their systems so that power voltages and currents remain in sync with grid operations, CAISO says.

According to the operator, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)-required revisions establish uniform rules for making sure new renewable resources – or resources planned to be upgraded – take the steps to align alternating currents and voltages with grid requirements. This, therefore, will help avoid energy inefficiencies and losses that occur when the grid and resources are not properly in sync, CAISO asserts.

“California has a history of leading the nation in the integration of renewable resources. We are pleased to now take this next step in which clean power resources can contribute to the reliability of the grid,” said Steve Berberich, CAISO president and CEO. “By providing reactive power, these resources are better suited to help us integrate increasing numbers of renewable resources.”

The rules will be submitted to FERC for review, notes the operator.

In addition, CAISO says the board authorized the operator to pursue “reliability must run” contracts with specific generation plants in 2017 to ensure the availability of adequate power supplies.

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