BURNDY Expands Wire Range Of Copper, Aluminum Compression Terminals

Manchester, N.H.-based BURNDY, a manufacturer of connector and tooling solutions for the wind industry, has expanded the wire range for its BREAK-AWAY HYLUG line of copper and aluminum compression terminals.

The BREAK-AWAY HYLUG provides field flexibility by allowing the installer to convert a two-hole terminal to a one-hole terminal in order to best suit the specific application, according to the company.

The BURNDY Underwriters Laboratories-listed and Canadian Standards Association-certified BREAK-AWAY HYLUG line of terminals is rated to 90 degrees C and 600 volts to 35 kV. With a slotted second stud, the BREAK-AWAY line of terminals can conform to various busbar dimensions.

For additional flexibility, the narrow tongue design allows the terminal to fit into tight spaces, and the BREAK-AWAY line of terminals accommodates a wide range of conductor combinations, according to BURNDY.



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