Brodeur Partners Launches Clean Technology Practice


Boston-based public relations firm Brodeur Partners has launched a clean technology practice to help emerging and established companies attract public support for environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable green business strategies.

Brodeur Partners subsidiary, Beaupre & Co. Public Relations, has joined forces with Brodeur to launch and drive the practice, which will focus on companies developing biofuels, solar, wind power and water purification/desalination technologies. The practice will also assist companies marketing components and software used in sustainable applications, and established companies communicating new environmental initiatives to employees, customers and the public.

Laura Taylor, is a vice president in Brodeur Partners' Washington, D.C., office and a communications professional with deep clean technology experience. Andy Beaupre, CEO of Brodeur Partners' subsidiary Beaupre & Co., will lead the clean technology practice. The firms' talent pool also includes some of the top minds in communications, environmental advocacy and public policy, who will advise clients on managing issues influencing clean technology.

‘Clean technology poses unique communications challenges,’ says Ed Maibach, director of the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University. ‘The market is a complex combination of economics, politics, public policy and even morality, and clean-tech companies need to balance those considerations when they're telling their story. Brodeur has designed a practice with those needs in mind.’

Taylor joined Brodeur Clean Technology from Edelman Public Relations, where she helped found the global clean technology practice and served as the Washington practice lead.

Over his 33-year career, Beaupre has built Beaupre & Co. Public Relations into a leading branding, communications and PR company. Beaupre became a Brodeur/Omnicom company in 1999.

SOURCE: Brodeur Partners

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