BLM Completes First Of Two EAs For Chokecherry And Sierra Madre


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a Finding of No New Significant Impact and a decision record after completing the first of two site-specific environmental assessments (EAs) covering Phase I of the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre Wind Energy project.

According to the Power Company of Wyoming, the first EA analyzed the project's three primary infrastructure components: the Phase I Haul Road and Facilities, West Sinclair Rail Facility and Road Rock Quarry.

In approving the developer's site-specific plans, the BLM says the plans contain no significant effects beyond those already disclosed in its 2012 final environmental impact statement (EIS). The site-specific EA is tiered to the project-wide EIS.

The second EA remains under way, notes the Power Company of Wyoming. The second EA analyzes the site-specific plan of development for 500 wind turbines, a road network and associated facilities necessary for the wind farm's first phase of development.

If the BLM issues a decision approving the first phase, the agency will issue a single wind energy development right-of-way authorizing the infrastructure components and the wind turbines for Phase I.

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