Blattner Energy Celebrates 110 Years Of Ingenuity And Industry Milestones


Avon, Minn.-based renewable energy and premier power generation contractor Blattner Energy is celebrating its 110th anniversary marked with milestones and achievements.

According to Blattner, several milestones are worthy of celebration. They include the following:

  • A No. 1 ranking for U.S. and Canadian wind energy installations (representing 33% of all installed wind power capacity in North America to date);
  • Installations totaling 5 GW of renewable energy in 2016 (nearly 4% of all wind and solar in the world); and
  • A No. 1 U.S. solar ranking by two independent firms.

“The milestone achievements and innovation of Blattner have helped advance the industries we work in and provided for more opportunities in solar and wind energy,” says Ken Hilgert, Blattner Energy’s vice president of business development. “We believe we have a responsibility to advocate for these markets and the ingenuity to be continually improving our company.”

To mark the anniversary, Blattner is celebrating employees at all project sites and its corporate office, the company notes.

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