Blattner Energy Announces Post-Tension Concrete Tower Offering


Blattner Energy, a power generation contractor and provider of renewable energy construction in North America, has announced that it offers post-tension concrete towers that the company says allow for significantly higher hub heights.

According to Blattner, tower heights can be increased from an average of 80 meters up to 140 meters, allowing them to reach farther above typical wind speed levels. This can result in better energy yields and open up new areas to wind development that weren't cost-effective with shorter towers, the company continues.

Blattner Energy says the pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete turbine technology provides customers with a modular tower that can adapt to fit all turbine manufacturers and rotor configurations. Tower sections can be loaded and hauled in legal size on a standard flatbed truck, eliminating the need for escorts and specialized equipment.

This concrete tower technology was developed by Postensa Wind Structures SA de CV, a structural engineering and construction company, with more than 60 years of experience in post-tensioned concrete. The technology is exclusively licensed to Blattner Energy.

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