Baumer Releases Outdoor Inductive Sensors


For outdoor applications exposed to harsh environments, Baumer has introduced the new IWRR/IFRR inductive sensors for object detection and distance measurement up to 12 mm. The company says the IP67 and/or IP69-rated sensors are completely sealed against moisture and contaminants and easily withstand temperature ranges from -40 degrees C to +80 degrees C.

Available in digital and analog versions, IWRR and IFRR inductive sensors meet Baumer's proTect+ standard for operation in demanding environments that involve changing temperature conditions, according to the company.

Because the sensors resist long-term exposure to salt water, oils and aggressive detergents, they are suited to the demands of onshore and offshore wind turbines, according to Baumer.

The compact sensors are available with IP69-rated V4A stainless steel housings for strenuous offshore environments or IP67-rated nickel-plated brass housings for onshore applications. Digital inductive sensors are mainly used to detect nacelle position and rotor speed. Measuring sensors are applied for brake monitoring and shaft deflection.

SOURCE: The Baumer Group

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