Barbara Sugg Elected VP Of Information Technology At SPP

The Southwest Power Pool Inc.'s (SPP) board of directors has elected Barbara Sugg as vice president of information technology (IT). This is a new position, created due to the increasingly critical role IT plays in advancing SPP's mission and objectives.

As vice president of IT, Sugg will direct the development, architecture, implementation, monitoring, support, security and telecommunications services provided by SPP to its members and customers. She is responsible for establishing IT strategy and policies and developing the IT leadership team; the department has over 100 employees.

Sugg has 20 years of IT experience in the electric utility industry. She joined SPP in 1997 as a senior IT specialist, focused on application development and support for computer systems, including tariff administration, reliability coordination and regional energy scheduling. She has been a member of the SPP management team since 1999 and became director of information technology in 2006.

SOURCE: Southwest Power Pool Inc.


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