AWS Truewind Adds Data To windNavigator


Albany-based energy consultant AWS Truewind LLC has added wind speed distribution, wind rose, and monthly and diurnal data to its Web-based prospecting and project siting application, windNavigator.

An interactive tool based on the popular GoogleMaps, windNavigator allows for the convenient exploration and purchase via the Internet of accurate and detailed wind resource maps and data for the conterminous U.S. and India.

The windNavigator includes the following key features:

– objectively determined standard error margin of 0.35 meters per second for the mean speed at 80 meters;

– wind resource data from MesoMap, the most widely tested and validated wind mapping system in use today;

– high-resolution wind information at a refined grid scale of 200 meters, plus multiple heights above ground; and

– project-scale maps and geographic information system data, providing a clear picture of the wind resource and its spatial variability over an area of the user's choosing.

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