AWEA Promotes RPS In New Media Campaign


The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has begun a major media campaign – including television advertising – to encourage support for a national renewable energy/portfolio standard (RPS).

The organization's television advertisement will run in nine media markets, specifically seeking support from 11 members of Congress. According to AWEA, benefits of a national RPS include slowing global warming; reducing energy bills; creating jobs, especially in the wind energy and solar sectors; helping farmers and rural landowners by providing payments for wind turbines installed on their land; and strengthening energy security.

‘The ad campaign is part of our effort to focus attention on this crucial referendum on American energy policy,’ says Gregory Wetstone, director of government and public affairs at AWEA. ‘We believe that greater public awareness will translate into more Congressional support for renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, which are overwhelmingly popular, but face well-financed opposition.’

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