Avangrid Partners with Yale Student Startup on Turbine Blade Recycling


Avangrid has donated 300 pounds of decommissioned wind turbine blades to WindLoop, a startup composed of Yale University students, to test a blade recycling process. 

The donated turbine blades came from the company’s Baffin wind farm in Kenedy County, Texas.

“Avangrid is one of America’s most innovative leaders in renewable energy, and this is yet another example of our forward-thinking approach to accelerating a clean energy transition across the United States,” says Avangrid CEO Pedro Azagra. 

“We recognize the great challenges in front of us, and we are helping lay the groundwork to find new and efficient methods to recycle blades that will improve the circularity of our industry.”

WindLoop says its recycling strategy incorporates an on-site blade shredder as well as a process the company developed, using green chemistry principles, to separate the fibers and resin in blades.

WindLoop’s team of four students at Yale School of the Environment is located in Connecticut, near Avangrid’s company headquarters.

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