Avago Technologies Launches Optocoupler For High-Insulation Voltage Applications

Avago Technologies, a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, has released a 10 MBd digital optocoupler with high-insulation voltage ratings for power supply and high-power motor control application.

The ACNV2601 single channel, 10 MBd digital optocoupler addresses growing market segments that need high data communication rates along with high-insulation voltage performance, according to the company.

The high-insulating voltages of the Avago ACNV2601 make it suitable for applications with 690-volt power to main voltages. Applications such as wind turbines, intelligent power modules and communication interfaces can benefit from the combined high-speed and insulation voltage characteristics of the ACNV2601, according to Avago.

SOURCE: Avago Technologies


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