And The Envelope, Please: Navigant Ranks Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturers


And The Envelope, Please: Navigant Ranks Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturers Navigant Research has released its World Wind Energy Update for 2015. The report, which covers changes and development trends over the past year, ranks the top global wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

According to Navigant, the revival of the U.S. and German markets made for some notable changes from last year's rankings. Globally, Vestas remains the top wind turbine supplier for both onshore and offshore wind. The remaining OEMs are as follows:

Siemens jumped two positions to second in 2014 due to strong sales in the offshore sector and the good shape of the German market. Had more planned 2014 offshore wind been fully commissioned and grid-connected, Siemens would have challenged Vestas' position, according to Navigant.

GE Energy recovered after the renewal of wind tax credit support in its home market and rose from No. 5 to the third position in a technical draw with Goldwind. Only 31 MW separate GE Wind and Goldwind.

Goldwind dropped from No. 2 to No. 4 despite its strong performance at home. Its small footprint outside China means it did not benefit from the good year in Germany, Brazil, and the U.S.

Enercon moved down two places to No. 5, as it relies largely on the growth of its home market Germany, in which it supplied nearly 40% of the turbines installed in 2014.

Suzlon Group rose one position to No. 6, supported by its then-subsidiary Senvion (currently being divested) and its operations in India. The contraction of Suzlon in its traditionally strong market, the U.S., did not allow it to recover a higher ranking.

Navigant Research expects that with the division of the group, both Senvion and the remaining part of Suzlon will drop from the top 10 rankings next year.

United Power moved up one position as the world's No. 7 supplier on the rush to install capacity in China in 2014.

Gamesa, the report finds, had a strong performance in the Americas and India, allowing it to remain as one of the top 10 suppliers globally.

Ming Yang remained as No. 9 in 2014, pulled by the growth of its home market, China.

Envision crept into last place in the top 10 supplier list in 2014 thanks to the spectacular growth in its home market, becoming the fourth Chinese manufacturer in Navigant Research's top 10 chart. In the 2013 ranking, Envision was No. 11.

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