American Wind Action Backs Iowa Republican Congressman


The American Wind Action (AWA) has announced its support for Rep. David Young, R-Iowa, who is seeking his second term in the state’s 3rd congressional district.

The AWA, a recently formed independent and bipartisan organization, says its goal is to educate the public on federal and state issues relevant to the development and benefits of wind power.

Sam Enfield and Jeff Clark, two members of the AWA’s board of directors, have issued a joint statement in support of the congressman:

“Wind energy has appeal across the political spectrum, and support for wind energy development is a nonpartisan issue. We are supporting candidates, regardless of the letter next to their names, who support bringing cleaner, cheaper, homegrown energy to America. David’s got it right in Iowa. He understands that wind energy is critical to Iowa’s growing economy, to farming families and to future generations of Iowans.”

The AWA recently launched ads praising Young’s consistent support for wind power; voters will hear the ads throughout southwest Iowa. (They can be heard here and here.)

Additionally, the AWA has released public-opinion survey results showing Iowa voters’ support for wind power and candidates who embrace it.

The group plans to continue helping elect candidates who are strong advocates for wind and working to defeat candidates who oppose wind.

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