Altra Industrial Motion Subsidiary Releases New Model Of Caliper Brake


Twiflex Ltd., a subsidiary of U.K.-based Altra Industrial Motion, has introduced the VCS MK 4, its newest model of spring-applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes.

The VCS MK 4 is designed for a wide array of applications, including wind turbines, hoists, conveyor drives, cranes and ship loaders.

These brakes have been engineered to provide a 50% increase in pad area. The units also feature increased service factors, modular construction, precision-monitoring options, as well as improved sealing and full compatibility with existing VCS mounts and controlled braking systems.

The brake comes as a standard two-module design. The brake is provided as a complete unit with two pre-fitted brake pads. Additional items, such as mounting bolts (tie rods), optional finishes and monitoring switches, are also available.

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SOURCE: Altra Industrial Motion

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