Altamont Winds Selects OneView SCADA Management Solution


SCADA International has been selected by Altamont Winds to provide its renewable asset management solution, OneView SCADA. OneView SCADA will provide the plant SCADA for the Summit Wind Power Plant located in Alameda County, Calif.

The Summit Wind project is a 57.5 MW development consisting of 23 GE 2.5 turbines.

OneView SCADA is a flexible OEM solution for renewable operation and asset management on park and enterprise level. The system will bring together all the separate data points and allow enhanced viewing, control and reporting of turbine and BOP operations in one overview. Compliance with FERC and GADS is ensured and simplified with onsite data storage and redundancy.

Altamont Winds says it selected OneView SCADA because it offered the speed, functionality and flexibility needed to monitor and control a modern,= renewable energy project. Operators, maintenance personnel, asset managers and management will have access to live and historical data along with advanced tools to visualize and analyze the data leading to smarter and more informed business decisions.

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Erick Matthiesen
Erick Matthiesen
4 years ago

Looking forward to working with OneView SCADA